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Commercial RO Water Treatment Plant

Commercial RO Water Treatment Plant uses the reverse osmosis principle to treat water and make it suitable for commercial purposes. The Commercial RO Plant is the most cost effective water treatment system for any commercial establishments. The Commercial RO Systems cleans the water of contaminants and removes non-essential and corrosive salts, metals, chemicals etc., present in the water. Thus making the water safe for tools and equipment used in the commercial activities. RO based water treatment plants have been in use for quite some time but have been under-utilized or have been used only in a limited manner. The Commercial RO Plants are best suitable for drinking water purification, effluent and wastewater purification, dialysis, food processing industry, car washing, fruit syrup production, hydrogen production, in reef aquariums etc.

Generally, Reverse Osmosis process takes place in stages such as pre-treatment process, high pressure pump, membrane assembly, Re-mineralization & pH adjustment and disinfection. This commercial ro water treatment plant functions on the principle of Reverse Osmosis wherein the raw or impure water is applied pressure to make it pass through a membrane, to obtain pure / treated water for commercial usage. The Commercial RO plant offered, not only purifies water from contaminants but also treats it from chemicals, acids and gases.

Special attention to understand the requirement of clients and further, designing & engineering suitable commercial RO Water Treatment Plants, has made Agaram Aqua Tech a proffered name. The Reverse Osmosis plant for commercial water treatment by Agaram Aqua Technologies is extensively used by industries for commercial water treatment needs purposes.
 All machines like Water Treatment, Bottling, Lab equipment etc. will come under this.
• Utilities: Water Electricity Air Conditioning, air Compressor etc.
• Liaison Expenses: ISI License & other Government License expenditure.
• Consultancy Charges: Like ISI Consultancy project funding etc.
• Building Cost: Construction, interior cost
3. How much is the ROI (Return on Investment)?
Usually, if the business is run professionally, the invested money will be returned to the investor by the business in 3.5 years. So you can say that ROI is 30 % per annum.
4. What are the Risk Factors?
After working closely in this industry, I have observed that the TOP risk factor in this business is Improfessional Management of the business. I will highlight main elements in this:-

Understand that there is not a single machine called Mineral Water Manufacturing Plant. In fact a plant is a combination of various sections & Machinery, hence there are actually different manufacturers/suppliers for various equipment’s & machinery.
What you are looking for a Supplier who can organize all this for you.
First of all for you, yourself, get a knowledge of what all machines involved in a Mineral Water Plant.
Basically there are these major elements:-
The Water Treatment Section
The Bottle Manufacturing Area
Bottle Filling Area
Quality Control- Laboratory Section
Utilities Like Electricity
Government Liaison
Liaison with BIS
Here, a separate section for BIS; as this is going to be a major role player. Just properly check whether the mineral water project manufacturer has a proper back up consultant in place.
After knowing the various machinery involved, be clear in your mind whether you want to source from individual agencies or all-in-one supplier